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Building a Better Society: My Social IMpact & DEI Projects

My mission is to provide strategic approaches and solutions to businesses, non-profits, and individuals looking to make a difference. With my experience in social impact, public health, and non-profit engagement, stakeholders can expect a seasoned strategist with a breadth of knowledge in creating and implementing successful plans. Together, we can achieve the social change you want to make.

A Look at My Projects

ERG Training & Facilitation

A screenshot of a training presentation

In partnership with Standard AI, develop a workshop focusing on building stronger ERGs across the company by utilizing existing frameworks. The workshop focused on increasing engagement amongst Standard AI's ERGs, measuring impact & success, reviewing best practices, and strengthening co-collaboration.

Professional Experience

Alongside my consulting work and passion project, I have been involved in various initiatives to facilitate social change and create sustainable impact over the past decade. I have managed multiple efforts to prevent violence in Oakland, conduct HIV research and prevention in West & Central Africa, and prevent homelessness in Santa Clara County. My goal has always been to find innovative solutions to complex social problems, and I am committed to making positive change happen in the communities we work in.

Google Play Partnership

As a DEI Program Manager at Play, my role focused on building strategies to create a more diverse and inclusive gaming and app ecosystem. My key accomplishments include working with underrepresented developers to succeed on Android and Google Play, collaborating with cross-functional teams, and defining services and deliverables for 20+ global gaming and app non-profits. I also create program tracking tools to measure success and drive operational performance.

Cisco Systems

As Corporate Social Responsibility, Program Manager, I managed and coordinated the entire process of corporate social responsibility projects related to homeless prevention efforts. I worked closely with various Cisco stakeholders and relevant teams. I successfully managed and implemented IT infrastructure updates with two non-profit pilot sites, increasing services for the homeless community.


At Metabiota, I worked as a Program Manager to create a unified approach to combat infectious diseases. This involved innovative and collaborative methods to promote public health, research, training, and threat reduction. I successfully managed a program worth over $5 million in seven African nations during my time there. This program consisted of more than ten distinct milestones and was executed in partnership with the Department of Defense, CDC, and Defense Threat Reduction Agency.

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