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Hello, I'm Mimo!

I'm a social impact strategist and consultant that helps small businesses, nonprofits, or startups create and/or sustain positive environmental or social impact. 

A little about me

I moved to the Bay Area from Ethiopia when I was 13 years old, and fell in love right away with what the Bay had to offer. This place has cultivated my love for arts, music, creativity, community, and most importantly, activism. My love for making positive social impact stems from migrating at a young age and learning the power of community coupled with my appreciation for anyone that lives a purpose-driven life! 


I love taking various forms of dance classes. My favorite book is "Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear," and you will often see me quoting a bunch of inspirational quotes from this book. I love watching cartoons and anime, it's my favorite pass time and something I look forward to at the end of my day! 

You can find more about my professional background in my resume section!  

Let's talk about purpose!

My purpose is to transform and shift paradigms in which anyone, especially small businesses can be the best change agent in their communities. I have accomplished this and continue to do so by sharing resources, designing opportunities, and empowering individuals to make a greater social impact. 

What do I value?

I value living a life that is dedicated to Compassion, Curiosity, Meaningful Work, Optimism, and Community. I want to continue to make a positive impact and lead authentically, and with a curious mindset! 

What I offer...



Using Human-Centered Design approaches created by, I will work with you on the step-by-step guide to unleashing your creativity, putting the people you serve at the center of your design process, and to come up with innovative solutions to challenging social problems.


I believe creating meaningful solutions begins with gaining a deep understanding of people's needs. My process includes learning from the people you serve, learning from experts, and seeking analogous inspiration. I also carry out secondary research, which provides market research, needs assessment, literature reviews, and data analysis.

Metrics & Evaluation

Metrics and evaluation are cornerstones of useful programming. To strive for meaningful change, a clear definition of "success", and the strategy and means to track impact is essential. I can support in developing long and short-term impact metrics ladder, and help ensure your efforts are on the right path.


I provide training and workshops on D&I initiatives, measuring social impact, mobilizing volunteers and activists, culture change, and development strategy. I can

work with you to design a high energy workshop that will meet your needs.

Let's work together!

Please take a few moments to fill out the form here, or schedule a time for us to chat here.

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Thanks for reaching out!

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