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Hello, I'm Mimo!

I'm a social impact strategist and consultant who helps businesses, nonprofits, or startups create and/or sustain positive social impact through diversity and inclusion.

A Bit about me

I am an award-winning, entrepreneurial, and strategic thinker with a passion for making waves in the world of social impact, public health, diversity, equity, and inclusion. I am a visionary professional with experience managing, leading, and spearheading initiatives that transform communities. My biggest accomplishment to date is being a mom to a wonderful boy, Yoshi.

Let's talk about purpose!

My purpose is to empower businesses to become change agents in their communities. To achieve this goal, I share resources, design opportunities, and empower individuals to make a greater social impact. My motto is "From Africa to Silicon Valley, Changing Lives One Project at a Time!" and I strive to live by it every day."

My services

Social Impact STRATEGIC 


Diversity and Inclusion Consulting

Social Impact Research & Reporting


“Mimo was incredibly helpful in guiding our organization towards a more socially responsible and sustainable future. Her expertise and passion for positive change were evident in every interaction.”
“Working with Mimo was a game changer for our organization. Her insights and strategies helped us create a more diverse and inclusive workplace, and her passion for social impact was truly inspiring.”
“Mimo's approach to social impact is both innovative and effective. She helped us create a sustainability plan that not only reduced our environmental impact, but also drove positive social change.”

Business Strategy for Social Impact

Wharton College 

Women in Leadership


Non-Profit Fundraising Essentials


Human-Centered Design


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Let's work together!

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Brands I have Worked With:

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