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Social impact Projects

Coco Coalition
Co-Founder and Community Engagement Lead, Coco Coalition, Inc.

Coco Coalition, lovingly called Coco, is a social enterprise non-profit that's founded by myself and two other passionate Black women. Coco is dedicated to curating holistic, safe, and empowering opportunities for women of the African Diaspora to connect, grow, and thrive. As a social enterprise, Coco is focused on creating opportunities for Black women and the well being of black teen girls by supporting projects that remove barriers to a healthy and secure future.

Established in 2018, Coco grew from the demand created by the International Black & Beautiful Women's Brunch (BBWB) which was established in 2015. By the end of 2017, BBWB  touched over 200 women, across six cities, four states, and two countries, and attendees expressed the desire for a collective international network. Due to the growing success of BBWB and the expressed need of creating similar spaces for women, the BBWB organizers co-founded Coco to expand on the foundation set. (!

Sol Sisters, Inc.
Board of Directors/Fundraising Lead,
Sol Sisters, Inc. 

In 2015, Sol Sisters established a Board of Directors and helped refine Christine’s vision of holistic health to fit a four-quarter model consisting of Expressive Arts, Physical Health, Mental Health, and Community Service. With the support of Legal Advisor, Barbara Kate Repa, Sol Sisters became an official 501c3 nonprofit later that year. In 2016 to present, SolSisters has established a leadership team that is responsible for the tasks that allow Sol Sisters to thrive and evolve through events and fundraisers. The heart and desire to serve women and girls continue to shine through each team leader. There is so much more to come for women in the Bay Area and beyond.

I have supported various fundraising efforts, which includes cultivating a relationship with Folsom Street Fair for the past three years, which funded Sol Sisters a total of $10k. 

Her Place Is IN
Grants Manager, Her Place Is IN

Her Place is IN is an organization focused on social action through art. Focused on building community, celebrating diversity, and empowering femininity, we are dedicated to sharing stories, advancing social education, and creating safe spaces for conversations that lead to real change.

It's a very young organization that just started in April 2018 and has already made it to the National Geography Photo of the Week in January 2019. To get the momentum going, we are raising funds to put on more events, take more photo essays that tell the story of womanhood locally and internationally!  

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